Find Ringback Tones

Find Ringback Tones

How To Download Verizon Ringback Tones

There are a lot of you out there who are thinking that maybe you should try out these things called ringback tones, but you’re not sure where to start. I’ve decided that it might be useful to post an article about how to download Verizon ringback tones. (Later I’ll post a how-to for call-tones and other wireless carriers, but for now, since Verizon is pretty popular I thought I would start with them).

There are a few ways to go about this. First, let’s buy a ringback tone straight from your phone. The first way you can do it is if you have what is known as a feature phone – smarter than a ‘dumb phone’, but not quite a smart phone. Anyway, if you have a feature phone, then you just need to go through a couple of steps. 1) Click on either ‘Get it now” or “Media Center”. 2) Now click “Music & Tones”. 3) Now click on “Get New Ringtones”. 4) Finally, click the “VZW Tones Deluxe” selection. Now you’ll be able to select and manage your ringback tones directly to your phone.

Ok, now let’s say that you have an actual smart phone. You should be able to find something called the “VZW Tones”, usually from the home screen, but if not you should be able to find it in one of the menus. Click into that application, and from there it will tell you how to download and buy your ringback tones. Occasionally you will stuck with a smart phone that doesn’t actually have the VZW Tones app built in. In that case, you’re in luck – see the next example.
For those of you that have a phone with mobile browser ability, getting ringback tones onto your phone is a pretty easy task. First, open up the browser. Go to . From here you will be able to surf, sample and buy ring back tones. You can manage your settings and tones list using the “Manage” link from the home page of the Verizon online store.

Now, for those of you that don’t want to use your phone to get or manage your ringbacks. You will just need to have web access on some other computer. Open a browser and surf to the media store (this is the first result that shows up when you google ‘verizon ringback tones’). Click into the media store. Then you will do essentially the same as you did in the above sample – you will be able to listen to samples of the ringback tones, and buy them to have them downloaded right to your phone. As above, you will also be able to keep your settings and selection of tones organized and setup the way you want by using the “Manage” link which you will find up in the header of the media store website.

And last but not least, you can text to get your ringback tones. Start by texting “LIST” to (short code) 728. You’ll get back a list of the top 10 tones. You can also get a top 10 list from a particular type of music by using code words (ooh, I can’t find the list at the moment, but I’ll check on that and try to update). Once you get the top 10 list back, you text back the 3 digit code, and bam, you get the ringback tone. Now, in order to manage your tones, use any of the above methods to get to your ringback tone manager.

Have fun, and keep ringbacking!!