Find Ringback Tones

Find Ringback Tones

Get some trendy new ringback tones for yer phone

Want ringback tones? You're on the right track. When you want to make your music available just to the people who are calling your phone, ringback tones are the way to go. Up to date compliations and top ten lists are probably the first place you should look if you want to stay up to date.  If I was going to personalize my phone, I might not know where to look from the thousands of songs, sound effects, and ringback tones available ... you might want to check out the Verizon store.

What's that? The best place I have found recently for ringback tones is The Verizon 'mediastore' ... find that, and they will have tons of great tones, and you'll be able to download directly to your phone.

Ok, so this was just a short little post to get you on the right track for finding the best spot to get some fabulous trendy ringback tones (especially if you are using Verizon).  I  have been a bit out of the loop lately, so in the near future I will be doing a bunch more research ... watch my site for more updates and information.

See you soon, and keep ringbacking!!