Find Ringback Tones

Find Ringback Tones

Business Ringback Tones from Verizon Wireless

As of April 01, 2009, Verizon Wireless has announced a new services for businesses, allowing businesses to customize the ring that customers hear when calling a wireless business number. Ringback tones have long been known to the personal cellphone sector, and it seem they are making their way towards mainstream with this entry into business culture.

Called ‘Business Ringback Tones’, these replacements for the generic beeping generally heard when a customer calls someone, will provide businesses the ability to play specific information about a business’s services, products or current promotions. Professional recording and script writing services, including voiceover services will be available through Verizon Wireless.

This will become an inexpensive addition to business’s arsenal of advertising venues, allowing them to promote products and services, communicate company messages, or answer customers questions. Rob Miller, vp of marketing for Verizon Wireless states, “They can also help businesses create a polished professional image because the message is specific to the company. The tones can communicate everything from product benefits to promotions, providing customers with helpful information before their calls are even answered.”

Tones will be managed by coporate account administrators, with the ability to upload 30 second customized ringback tones on their employees cellphones. A rotating feature is also available, allowing the business to specify up to 5 active tones that callers will hear differently each time they call. A feature for uploading as many business ringback tones as needed will allow companies to manage many tones, or prepare for promotions or seasonal messages.

Individual control per employee phone number will also be possible, or according to groups of phone numbers, as well as the ability to text message employee phones to notify them of changes to their ringback tone profiles.

The price for Business Ringback Tones? The price point looks pretty similar to the personal ringback tone cost structure: $1.99 per month per line. This will include the management features just described, but currently packages are only available to businesses with 50 or more corporate lines, registered with the My Business online account management tool. Voice mail must be activated on the lines.

The professional creative services from I-Mobile Marketing will be available to customers for creating ringback tones, at a cost of $299 per tone – includes development, script, one script re-write, 2 audio recording options, and 2 audio revisions. Background music is included. Additional fees will be charged for further script re-writes and extra audio recording. Businesses can choose to upload their own tones for $50 per tone if recording services are not required.

For more information, Verizon Wireless customers can go online to My Business or contact a Verizon Wireless Business sales rep.