Find Ringback Tones

Find Ringback Tones

Verizon Ringback Tones Explained

What are Ringback Tones? Ringback Tones is the new cool thing you can do to personalize your cell phone. What used to be popular were just ringtones (well, they still are popular) ... these allowed you to choose a ring or song which played when someone was calling you. You could even choose an individual ring tone for each friend or family member when they phoned you. (or boss, or ex, or world political leader calling for advice).

What verizon ringback tones allow you to do is to choose a song which your callers will hear before you answer their call. And like ringtones, you can choose an individual ringback tone for each number in your address book.

So, get your music groove on, download some ringback tones, and project a unique personality to everyone who calls you ... maybe some 70's folk music for your parents, 60's rock music for the school principal, and bust out the U2 for that annoying world leader who just doesn't understand that although you have some poignant and insightful solutions to the current world catastrophes, you really just don't have time right now to save the world.

How do you get ringback tones?

There are many many online sources for verizon ringback tones, (along with cingular ringback tones etc), a few of which I'm going to list here, as this is the main purpose of this website - to keep you up to date on the best, newest, coolest ringback tones. Keep reading, as I'm sure you'll find something that interests you on this site.

Check back soon, we'll keep you updated with cool and fun ring back tones news!