Find Ringback Tones

Find Ringback Tones

Free Ringback Tones?

Free ringback tones seems to be at the top of everyones wish list these days. Is there really a chance that we'll get free ringback tones from the cellphone manufacturers? Well, as much as I would LOVE to be able to say yes ... it seems that you will still need to visit your cellphone carrier in order to manage, and more importantly purchase ringback tones. Sorry, no free ringbacks.

What I keep hearing over and over, are questions like this:

  • Where can I download free ringback tones?

  • How can I add my own ringback tones to my phone?

  • Is there somewhere I can get free ringback tones?

  • etc. etc. *sigh*

Please mr big shot cellphone service companies, let us manage the media we put on our cellphones ... you already charge enough subscription fees, hidden charges, cost per ringback tones. Just let me put my own music on my phone. I mean, how am I supposed to put that cool clip of my girlfriend singing in the shower on my verizon wireless, except as a free ring back tone? Ah, that would be cool.

For those of you that don't know what a ringback tone is, here's the deal: A ring-back tone is the ringing sound that the calling party hears while they are waiting for you or your answering machine to pickup. Kind of like elevator music, but while the phone is ringing, rather than while you are on hold. The ringback tone (RBT) is useful so that the caller knows that a ringing signal is actually being sent . The new trend in wireless cellphones is to customize this ringback tone, so that instead of the normal 'ringing' or 'beeping' tone, you are able to play whatever sound clip you would like. Most popular is to customize your ringback tone to play pop songs ... similar to the way that ringtones have been customized with the latest pop and rap stars singles.