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Find Ringback Tones

Verizon wireless ringback tones

What’s with the Verizon ringback tones

So how long ago were these things introduced? It seems that ring tones were just all the rage - every hot new pop artist made a small fortune selling their latest top 20 chart hit as a cell phone ring tone. Ludicris ring tones, eminem ring tones, Usher ring tones … the only one that really started to grate on my nerves was the White Stripes ring tone. Something about the synthesized sound on the tiny little synthesized cellphone speakers.

Wow – Verizon wireless ringback tones were invented in 2004!

Take a look at this archived article from Mobile Tech News …

Verizon Wireless offers real music ringback tones
Posted: 17-Nov-2004
[Source: Verizon Wireless]
[New service launched in select California markets allows customers to replace standard ring with short clips of real music. ]
Bedminster, NJ and Irvine, Calif. -- Verizon Wireless announced it is the first national carrier to offer Ringback Tones -- short clips of real music that replace the standard ring callers hear when they call the Verizon Wireless phone of a Ringback Tone subscriber. Customers in Sacramento and throughout southern California are the first to be able to personalize the sounds callers hear before a call is answered.

Top Ringtones for your Mobile!

When they were first introduced in 2004, Verizon offered over 2,200 songs from Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG Music, with 13 music genres, including RAP Hip Hop, 80’s, Country, Holiday, etc. The original options allowed customers to choose from standard Verizon ring back tones , or from individually choosen ringback tones which would play for different callers depending on different criteria such as the Caller ID, group list or even the time of day. The complete list of music categories available for ringback tones when they were first released included:

  • RAP Hip Hop ringback tones

  • Soundtrack ringback tones

  • Metal/Alternative ringback tones

  • R&B/Soul ringback tones

  • 80's ringback tones

  • Classic Rock ringback tones

  • Pop/Rock ringback tones

  • Country ringback tones

  • Club Hits ringback tones

  • 70's ringback tones

  • Oldies ringback tones

  • 60's ringback tones

  • Holiday ringback tones

How do I get Verizon ring back tones ?

To get ringback tones on your phone, you go to the Ringback Tones Web site. The first step before buying ring back tones is to register. Once registered, you can browse the categories and preview sound snippets of the Verizon wireless ringback tones. Another option available is to signup to an alert list to receive a text alert when your favorite artist releases a new song which has been converted into a ringback tone. To sign up for this service, you need to visit the ‘My Alerts’ section of the ringback tones website, and choose TXT notification. Remember that just about everything you customize on your cellphone will have a charge, so don’t forget that the text messages alerting you that a new ringback tone from your favorite artist is available will be charged a standard text message rate.

And how much do ringback tones cost?

The way that you pay for Verizon ring back tones is per ringback tone, for unlimited use (on your phone only ) for one year. When you download a ringback tone from the website, the charge for that song will be added to your cellphone bill. Typical rates are $1.99 per ringback tone.

Get Verizon ring back tones right from your cellphone

You can also find ringback tones and sign up directly from your cellphone (make sure your cellphone is capable of sending TXT messages). To signup for the service, do the following: Send the TXT message “RBT” to txt address “728”. You’ll get a message which you need to reply to in order to accept the service. Now you need to send the TXT message “List” to “728” and you will get a list of ringback tones with song ID codes as a txt message, which are available for you to buy. How do you get the ringtone then? Easy, just send the song ID code as another text message to the TXT address “728”. (Again, you will be charged the standard text messaging rates for all texts you are sending and receiving). Once you have texted the song id to “728”, from now on, everyone who calls you will hear the new Verizon ring back tone when the phone rings, before you pick up their call.

What about a different ringback tone for each caller

So that was easy, getting a new ringback tone on your cellphone, right from your cellphone. But what if you want to choose a different ringback tone for each person that calls you? For that you are going to have to go to the Verizon website, where you can manage your account, buy more ringback tones, and customize who gets to hear which ringback tone. Visit to setup and manage your account.
Note: this information was accurate as of the original release of Verizon wireless ringback tones in 2004. The original release of ringback tones was limited to Verizon wireless customers in Sacramento and Southern California markets, with a starting monthly fee set at $0.99 per month. Each Verizon ring back tone purchased was $1.99. This provided the customer unlimited use for one year. Both the monthly fee and cost for each ringback tone would appear on the customer's monthly bill.

At the time of the original introduction of Verizon Wireless ringback tones , Verizon unofficially announced that Ringback Tones would be available to the entire network by mid-2005.

I hope this has given you a good idea about what ringback tones are and how to get started using them on your Verizon wireless cellphone.

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